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Driving While Intoxicated, Driving Under The Influence, Boating While Intoxicated

Driving While Intoxicated or “DWI” is a very serious offense in Texas. The individual arrested today in Texas for Driving While Intoxicated, commonly referred to as DWI, faces bewildering procedures and potentially devastating punishments, i.e., suspension of driving privileges, fines, and/or jail, or prison if there are injuries, particularly if this is not that person’s first time being charged with Driving While Intoxicated as well as surcharges and devastating administrative fees. Sometimes the punishments can be more severe than some felony offenses, not to mention employment opportunities destroyed as well as automobile insurance costs soaring through the roof. You should remember; DWI is the only criminal offense that uses subjective evidence for convictions — i.e.; the evidence against an individual is based on the personal belief of the arresting police officer for the few minutes they are around each other.

If you or someone you know is charged with Driving While Intoxicated, the case should be discussed with an attorney who handles DWIs in contrast to someone who has handled a few or whose work is mainly some other area of the law. An attorney can discuss the specific facts of the arrest, and review the evidence that the prosecutors will rely upon at trial. In many cases, there are valid legal defenses available to these charges, and an attorney experienced in handling DWI cases is best prepared to present these defenses to the court. Contrary to popular belief, some experts believe that both the breath machines (Intoxilyzer 5000) as well as the field sobriety tests administered by police in Driving While Intoxicated (DWI-DUI) cases are inaccurate and unreliable.

Through the defense process, the Law Offices of Stephen D. Jackson & Associates can challenge the reasonable suspicion for the police officer to make the traffic stop and the challenge the probable cause for the DWI/DUI/BWI arrest, the reliability of the Breathalyzer (breath test), the reliability of any blood tests, and the knowledge of the officer to accurately perform field sobriety tests. In addition, Attorney Stephen Jackson challenges witnesses’ and expert witnesses’ credibility and attempts to have inappropriately obtained evidence, sealed or suppressed.

If evidence is too strong, DWI/DUI/BWI attorney, Stephen Jackson, is an experienced negotiator and understands the legal issues that affect the plea bargaining in these types of cases. . He works with the prosecutor in an attempt to reduce the charge, to obtain a lesser probation, or a reduced fine.

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